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Were you pleased with the treatment?  Initially I was apprehensive about going to see Cassian, but it wasnít long before I felt at ease.  She is non-judgemental and makes it easy for you to discuss whatever it is that you wish to talk about. She picks up on things you may not notice yourself and is very encouraging in trying to make even just small changes in your life.  I am excited to see where Iíll be in 6 months/a years time as Iím confident that Iíll be in a happier place thanks to Cassians encouragement and help.     Posted on What Clinic by Kate Duffy

ďAn amazing and rewarding processĒ  Seeing Cassian is without a doubt one of the best things Iíve ever done for myself.  She has helped me overcome long-suffered anxieties to become a more confident, less afraid person. The knock-on effects in my marriage and work have been remarkable also.  Cassianís pragmatic, calming, humane approach makes for an atmosphere where open dialogue and results-focused work can happen.  She continues to help me become more and more comfortable and secure in my own skin.  It has been (an continues to be) an amazing and rewarding process.  Posted on Whatclinic by Siobhan

Yet again thanks for all your help this year. It really changed my life! B.McG

"We came to Cassian as a couple with a very troubled relationship and saw her over the period of a year .In the background was the possibility of a legal separation. She saw us together and individually. At all times, we had a feeling of complete trust in her, she pointed us towards a peaceful solution. She can be recommended with complete confidence to anyone, either as a couple or as an individual". ' J ' , Dublin

  • Mo. O  "i felt very comfortable with Cassian and found my sessions with her very beneficial"   (as posted on Yelp)

"I'd really recommend Cassian, I had tried so many and just couldn't connect with the counsellors. She made me feel really at ease and was really patient. I've going to her for some months now and am really seeing the benefits within my relationship. Thanks so so much Cassian!" auraya11 Dublin (as posted on Yelp)
Cassian has been a great help both to myself and to my relationship with my husband. Over a period of a year she has faciliated us in the identification of issues which have been ongoing throughout our marriage, and started us on the road to resolving them. All the time she has gently steered us towards a clear understanding of what we want individually in our own lives, and how that might evolve in a life together. The experience has been safe, supportive, and entirely beneficial. C

"Cassian was great. She really helped my girlfriend and I sort out some issues we had been having. She made us feel relaxed enough so we could talk properly about stuff. Thanks!"B&E, Dublin 15

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